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Canon X-07 - own VGA Board #1

Hi, let's tallk today about my VGA Board#1 for the Canon X-07 (or any centronic compatible system)


(<= my Canon X-07 page)


see how the whole system looks like...

Canon X-07 & // + VGA Board

The result looks like that ...

Image & text (120x60px)

now see this diagram :

VGA Board #1

I added an optional "video coprocessor" between parallel port reader & VGA displayer.


It's not yet soldered but will provide more routines to draw on VGA screen (actually can only call a wallpaper & write some text in 4colors)


board w/o video coprocessor

Has I mentioned in my previous page, I can 'mirror' characters from builtin LCD to VGA ...

Text mirroring

Overview ...

For anyone interested ... here's the "displayer" circuit .ino source code (needs VGAX lib.).


Others source codes will come soon ...

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