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Xtase & Androids

XtsTinyBasicPlus (another TinyBasic fork)

Hi again,

This time I decided to gearUp about microcontrollers & try a teensy ++2 board :

  • 128K prgm / 8K ram / 32u4 mcu against regular arduino
  • 32K prgm / 2K ram / 32u4 mcu

The aim of this project is to connect my Canon X-07 to a more powerfull shell than the one that I writed.

Teensy ++2 developpment system

Teensy ++2 developpment system

My dev (bread)board is equipped with :

  • ssd1306 LCD I2C Screen
  • SPI uSD Card reader
  • ESP8266 Wifi module
  • 2nd UART (two serial ports control)
  • Teensy ++2 module
  • 3 user buttons (new)


And run an own fork of TinyBasic.

It has 2 serial port (MASTER / SLAVE) that can be hot-swapped (USB / Canon).

So both SerPort can control the entire board (so : screen, SdCard & Wifi module).


Web + 2 serial port swappable for board control

Web + 2 serial port swappable for board control

@ this time : my board is more a POC than the final assembly...


Board wiring

Board wiring

The whole board can also be turned into a web server by a single commad (maybe later I will use a button), then You can acess to the system with your casual browser.

To do that, an auto-script (web.bas) is booted & it's output prints directly in your browser.


Teensy BASIC in your Web Browser !

Teensy BASIC in your Web Browser !

Since today, it has 3 new user buttons (up,down,ok) & lcd control in BASIC too.


So I can now create some simple menus :new user interactions

The whole source code can be found here.


The new mainboard building is explain here => 



See you....

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