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XtsTinyBasicPlus & Canon X-07 together again

Hi, after some code tunes (on the XTBP & X-07) & new cable made : the 'X-07 com' mode works !


So my X-07 is now able to control the XtsTinyBasicPlus board !

X-07 controlling teensy BASIC board

As it was the initial aim of the project, I'm relatively glad ;)


But now that my board do much as I imagined @ the begining, some newer ideas start to grow up in my mind :


  • X-07 can become a terminal of the board
  • can also read & write to uSD
  • to LCD too
  • may start to implement CLIENT mode on the ESP8266 to fetch content on other IP hosts
  • and much more ...


Remember that @ the begining it was only that : AT328P + uSD Reader with a tiny shell of my own...


Now, I can enslave my X-07 from my PC with the following codes :

on X-07

10 INIT #5,"COM:", 8000,"B"
20 EXEC &HEE1F   (that gives hand to SERIAL) 

on XTBP board

30 IF STRLEN(1)=1 GOTO 200
100 CPRINT $1;:COUT 13:COUT10
110 GOTO 20
200 CPRINT "EXEC &HEE33";:COUT 13:COUT10 (that gives hand to X-07 again)
210 ? "Bye"

I started some LOAD/SAVE features but it still a bit bugged, I'll tell you when it will work fully...

If you missed -what's in the box- : look here


If you missed -what is an X-07- : go here

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