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Hi, I haven't post for a while...

Because I'm writing a -from scratch- uBASIC Interpreter for the Teensy 3.6 PRJC MCU,

It's featuring buitin SDCard, small LCD, USB Keyboard, 3 LEDs & soon 3 user buttons....


Salut, je n'ai pas posté depuis un petit moment...

En effet je suis en train d'écrire un interpreteur BASIC pour le microcontrolleur Teensy 3.6 de chez PRJC.

Il supporte un lecteur de carte SD intégré, un petit écran LCD, un controlleur de clavier USB, 3 LEDs et bientôt 3 boutons programmables

My bread board actually looks like this :


Ma carte de test ressemble actuellement à ça :

current breadboard


Here is a reference card for currently implemented functions :


Voici la carte de référence des fonctions actuelles de mon BASIC :

ADDED support for STRING & INT arrays
ADDED support for Bitmap files

BackSpace [8] & Ctrl-C [3] now works from Serial term

NEW       [v] reset PRGM & VARS

BEEP      [v] duration * 50ms / 1..48 octave #2 to #5 / else frequency (49..4096)
TONE      [v] play a tone on speaker
NOTONE    [v] mute speaker
PLAYT5K   [v] PLAYS a T5K tune
PLAYT53   [v] PLAYS a T53 tune

LED       [v] LED 1,1 turn on 1st led // LED 3,0 turn off 3rd

RSEED     [v] does nothing ...
DELAY     [v] wait for x milliseconds

PRINT / ? [v] still have to distinguish ',' & ';'
OUT       [v] print a char of ascii code <x>, can be redirected to FILEIODesc
CLS       [v] clear current screen (LCD_BUILTIN, later : VGA ....)
LOCATE    [v] Set text cursor position (x,y)
PSET      [v] set a pixel (since git:6266540)
PRESET    [v] clear a pixel (since git:6266540)
LINE      [v] draws a line (since git:6266540)
CIRCLE    [v] draws a circle (since git:6266540)
DRAWBMP   [v] draw a bitmap from storage

INPUT     [v] INPUT content into a variable (NUM or STR) -> can use FILEIODesc to select stream
INPUTSTR  [v] INPUT content into a variable (STR) -> can use FILEIODesc to select stream

REM / '   [v] make a line comment

FILES     [v] list storage content
CAT       [v] read a specific file (w/o interpret it)

DELETE    [v] erase a file from storage
DUMPSTS   [v] dump serial to SD file  // DUMPSTS "<filename>" -> read until timeout
WRITE     [ ]

LIST      [v] List content of PRGM memory [ need checkbreack() ]
RUN       [v] Run content of PRGM memory [ need checkbreack() ]
LOAD      [v] (does it starts by a 'NEW' statement ? // I think not // so lines could be merged)
SAVE      [v] Save content of PRGM memory // slow impl. .... // auto-adds '.BAS' if needed
CHAIN     [v] => NEW / LOAD / RUN a program

FOR       [ ] FOR / TO / [STEP] / NEXT
IF        [v] IF <bool expr> THEN ...
GOTO      [v] Jump directly to a line
GOSUB     [v] Jump to line after saving current position
RETURN    [v] return to current position after GOSUB

END / STOP[v] STOPS execution of current program


RND(x)    [v] return int between 0 & x

CHR$(x)   [v] return ASCII char from x
STR$(x)   [v] return string representing number x
ASC(x)    [v] return ASCII code of 1st char of 'x' string
STRLEN()  [v] length of a String value
LEN()     [v] length of a String value

LEFT$()   [v] return left chars of a string
RIGHT$()  [v] return right chars of a string
MID$()    [v] return substring of a string
INSTR()   [v] return first occurence of a substring in a string

FREE()    [v] return ammount of free RAM in bytes (beware it's an int not a short)
MEM()     [v] return ammount of free RAM in kilobytes (cause it's a short @this time)

BTN()     [v] returns 0,1,2,4 => Cf pressed user btn(s)

INP()     [v] wait for a char from input // can use FILEIO-Desc
SNS()     [v] read for a char from input (0 if none) // can use FILEIO-Desc

SECS()    [v] seconds since MCU booted

The final aim : is to have a stick-computer w/ a bottom connector that can plugs on a "motherboard" to an own-designed bus to bring external functions such as WIFI, VGA output, ....


Le but final est d'avoir un ordi-stick autonome mais qui puisse être branché sur une carte mère grâce à un bus "maison" vers d'autres cartes d'extension de fonctions : WIFI, affichage VGA ...

stick computer & it's mother board


Begining the design of my main STICK board ....


Je commence à construire la carte de mon ordi-stick principal...

main STICK board


2 days after : BT, Screen, buttons & USBHOST


2 jours plus tard : le Bluetooth, l'écran, 3 boutons et l'USBHOST

StickBoard's growing up


1 day more ....


1 jour de plus ...

Teensy mounted ...


NOW : my BASIC supports STRING & INT arrays, Bitmap Files, more STRING functions & few tweaks about LCD display...


MAINTENANT : mon BASIC supporte les tableaux de type chaines & entiers, les fichiers Image Bitmap (N&B), encore plus de fonctions pour les STRINGs et des petits arrangements sur la vitesse d'affichage du LCD...

with a little BMP

with a little BMP

The project carries on (beginings of mother board..)


La suite du projet (débuts de la carte mère ..)

Click here / Cliquez ici -->

Et voila, I'll update this page ASAP & post the source code on GitHub, 

See you soon !


Et voila, j'essaierai de mettre cette page à jour autant/dès que possible, de plus je posterai le code source du BASIC sur GitHub,

A bientôt !

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