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Arduino Yun (core) system

Arduino Yun
Arduino Yun

I now use an Arduino Yun board for my devs,

It uses a 32u4 ATMEL 16MHz MCU & 400MHz ARM CPU both combined.

my current system is configured as it :

  • expanded system on SD card (8GB) (can see how-to here)
  • USB sound dungle (uses madplay to playback mp3s)
  • a 10 buttons ADKEY module
  • a custom header to connect to my HUI module

and acts as a :

  • remote mp3 player
  • webserver
  • AVR compiler for the MCU part
  • WebPageBased IDE
the current form factor

the current form factor

The WebServed IDE looks like this

The WebServed IDE looks like this

My Web IDE allows to edit content & source code for .ino (mcu), .lua, .js, .python, .cpp (cpu)

The TextComponent is based on CodeMirror (https://codemirror.net/) & allows the syntax highlighting.

It can (directly from your browser) compile code for 32u4 MCU using an embeded AVRtoolchain (http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=280091.0)

It is also used to launch mp3 playback on the USB Sound Dungle

Now : let's see what it can do w/ my HUI subproject...

Arduino Yun (core) and HUI (io)  together

Arduino Yun (core) and HUI (io) together

2 interfaces cable
2 interfaces cable

The new connector (that uses a legacy DB9) it contains SERIAL (but not RS232) & USB lines (for sound and kbd connected to hub that take now place in HUI)

HUI connector
HUI connector

the final pinout...

If you're interested by the system configuration, follow this link

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