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2 - The features

This is one of the most advanced LEGO technic set, for sure the most advanced that I have ever built :)

Even if @ unboxing time, there is no Power Function (tm), nor pnematic, nor electic parts ;

It has steering wheel (classical), independants suspensed wheels & a 2x 4 ratio gearbox anyway !

+ for the Porsche fans : a 6 flat cylinders engine, genuine stickers & blabla : see the officials reviews for that...

The Gearbox
The Gearbox

The 2x 4 gearbox : LEGO was forced to admit that the gears was not in the correct order : 1-3-2-4 (or something like that) instead of 1-2-3-4 ... for peoples who don't want to motorize the set : it doesn't sound like a big problem.

LEGO explain that there's no mistake in the building process or instructions but the complexity was too big to get the fully sequential gearbox...

4 Suspensions
4 Suspensions

Each wheel is independantly suspensed by one or two springs

took from Youtube official video
took from Youtube official video

The gearbox is activated by two levers to gear up & down, there is also another central to go forward, neutral, backward.

And the casual but 'Porsche stickerized' steering wheel.

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