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Xtase & Androids

LEGO TECHNIC 42056 - PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS (4-3)

4 - The way

3 - assembling electronic

Now, all modules are operational ...

all modules wired
all modules wired

On this picture we've got :

  • the MCU (Arduino Pro Mini 5v - 16MHz) already programmed (sources will come soon)
  • the Battery Box (providing 9v)
  • the HBridge (L298 dual) that drives :
  • the LEGO motors (2x XL version not on the picture)
  • the Bluetooth to TTL (HC05 /!\ 3.3v level)
  • the SG90 micro servo
let's take place into the car
let's take place into the car

Now, putting all parts inside the car ...

playing w/ Android
playing w/ Android

And finally : play w/ Android device !

ASAP, I'll post .ino code for the MCU & bluetooth protocol for Android or any BT capable master,

So, see you .... ;)

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