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  • XtsTinyBasicPlus & Canon X-07 start a new story

    02 décembre 2016 ( #Arduino, #DIY, #BASIC, #Z80, #teensy, #retrocomputing, #canon X-07 )

    Once upon a time .... The Canon X-07 was waiting for a Serial-to-TTL board (it wanted to talk with other MCU in the kingdom...). Finally new MCU board was born (more powerfull & more polyvalent). They are now wired together & starting to write a new page...

  • June 1st - LEGO 42056 Porsche 911

    03 juin 2016 ( #LEGO, #arduino, #RC Car )

    As a few lucky guys, I could get one of the most advanced LEGO TECHNIC sets : the 42056 Porsche GT3 RS, I have currently finished building it and you are able to see photographes w/ the following links... The Ultimate aim will be to make it RC Car w/...

  • LEGO 42056 RC Arduino

    14 juin 2016 ( #LEGO, #RC Car, #Arduino )

    Hi, I'm still working on the LEGO 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, All RC electronic parts are ready, still have to finish tidy the whole assembly ! Pictures still available here : 1 - Building pictures 2 - Features 3- Final aim 4.1 - The way : motors 4.2 -...

  • It's alive ! (LEGO 42056 Porsche)

    17 juin 2016 ( #LEGO, #Arduino, #RC Car )

    TODAY : my RC is theorically finished, I still have to check the motor transmission (mine is not enought efficient), but all features are working ! let's see it : 1 - Building pictures 2 - Features 3- Final aim 4.1 - The way : motors 4.2 - The way : steering...

  • It's alive - II ! (LEGO 42056 Porsche)

    17 juillet 2016 ( #LEGO, #Arduino, #RC Car )

    two days ago : I fixed my engine transmission (with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87gg9RwA3EU advices -- and bypassing gearbox), so now : XL motors have enought power to make the car run, ASAP I'll try to post a test drive video... let's see it : 1...

  • Arduino auto-piloted Drone (quadcopter)

    16 septembre 2016 ( #Arduino, #DIY, #Drone )

    Hi, this month, I try to build my own flying drone. It's a little QuadCopter. The 1st aim is to have an hovering-flight drone, that uses internal sensors & Arduino to auto-adjust motor speed to stay in the airs. It also use BlueTooth to receive basic...

  • Canon X-07 now have Serial port (even by USB) .. now SDCard support too

    08 novembre 2016 ( #Z80, #DIY, #retrocomputing, #ARDUINO, #vintage computer )

    After Hacking CASETTE port & PARALLEL port (even made a VGA Display Board) Of the Canon X-07 hand held computer ... I managed to finally hack the X-07 SERIAL port. ...more difficult than I thought ;) The result is a bi-directional TTL serial port (115200...

  • XtsuBasic project begins / Le projet XtsuBasic commence....

    08 janvier 2017 ( #Arduino, #BASIC, #teensy, #DYI, #retrocomputing )

    Hi everybody, As I said in my 'happy-new-year' post, I'm currently writing a 'from-scratch' BASIC interpreter for the Teensy 3.6 MCU, let see how it looks .... --------------------------------------- Salut tout le monde, Comme je le disais dans mes voeux...

  • Xts-uBASIC is on track / Xts-uBASIC avance ...

    27 janvier 2017 ( #Arduino, #DIY, #BASIC, #teensy, #retrocomputing )

    Hi again, my Xts-uBASIC still carry on, with some additional software support, file types & now array types, (& as always : ~chiptunes~, Bitmaps & more...) --------------------------------------- Salut à nouveau, mon projet Xts-uBASIC continue, avec des...

  • Je recherche ... vieux portable

    06 novembre 2015

    Bonjour, Je recherche un vieux portable (486, 386, ou plus vieux encore) le genre de bête qui tourne sous DOS par exemple. Même hors d'usage ou abimé physiquement Je cherche une machine inferieure à 15pouces (ex. machine de l'époque plutot entre 7 et...

  • My /Arduino/Raspberry/ Sinclair QL

    17 juin 2016 ( #retrocomputing, #arduino, #raspberry, #QL, #DIY )

    Hi, Today I decided the share a customization that I made a few month ago... a dual mode Arduino/Raspberry Sinclair QL revival ... let's see it ...

  • Y.A.L.P (PCDuino laptop)

    10 novembre 2015 ( #PCDUINO, #LAPTOP, #CUSTOM, #DIY )

    Yet Another Laptop Project, follow the white rabbit (or link) Encore un Nouveau projet de portable custom, suivez le lien... >> THE PAGE <<

  • Y.A.L.P project is on track

    12 novembre 2015 ( #CUSTOM, #DIY, #PCDUINO, #LAPTOP )

    Today I finished the internal design of my custom laptop. It's now transportable... Aujourd'hui j'ai fini le design interne de mon portable custom. Je peut maintenant le transporter avec moi... >> SEE HERE << // >> PAR ICI <<

  • Tiny ARM-based linux computer/console

    11 octobre 2016 ( #ARM, #DYI, #ARDUINO, #LINUX )

    Few month ago, I made a little strange box ;) It's not really a GAME console, but it's a little embedded linux system w/ WIFI, Screen & a pad If you want to know more click here.

  • XtsTinyBasicPlus launched

    25 novembre 2016 ( #DIY, #arduino, #teensy, #BASIC )

    Today I posted the sources of my own fork of TinyBasic for teensy++2.0 (w/ LCD, SDCard,Wifi, ...) let's see how it sounds ...

  • XtsTinyBasicPlus has now a mainboard !

    30 novembre 2016 ( #DIY, #arduino, #BASIC, #teensy )

    I finished building my mainboard & started to make the enclosure Let's see there ... => Today the box is now finished : see there =>

  • PCDuino Laptop

    04 novembre 2015 ( #PCDUINO, #LAPTOP, #CUSTOM )

    Hi, I just started to build a PCDuino laptop - Salut, je viens juste de commencer à fabriquer un portable avec un PCDuino this work is still in progress so be kind with comments - Ce travail est toujours en cours, donc soyez indulgent sur les commentaires...

  • Bonne Année / Happy New Year

    02 janvier 2017 ( #Arduino, #teensy, #diy, #retrocomputing, #HappyNewYear )

    I wish you an happy new techno year ! ... I did not post for a while, because I'm currently writing a full BASIC interpreter from scratch for my Teensy3.6. As for the Teensy++2 XtsTinyBasicPlus, the code will be published on github as soon as it will...

  • Arduino LEGO RACE Truck

    26 octobre 2015 ( #Arduino, #LEGO )

    If you like Arduino's or the DIY movement and that you're a LEGO fan, take a look @ my race truck ... Si vous êtes amateurs d'Arduino's ou du mouvement DIY et que vous êtes fan de LEGO, venez voir mon camion de course... VIEW PAGE

  • Arduino RC Car

    15 janvier 2016 ( #Arduino, #RC Car )

    Hi, here's another Arduino racing vehicle project. A Lamborghini Aventador clone, It's Bluetooth driven ... let's see that

  • Arduino Yun (core & io) systems

    20 février 2016 ( #arduino, #diy )

    Hi, welcome to my latest experiment : An arduino Yun main/core system An Arduino ProMini as io subsystem (as a video adapter, Joystick manager...) Both are connected each-other to make part of a bigger project...

  • Canon X-07 with VGA Display

    29 octobre 2016 ( #Z80, #retrocomputing, #vintage computer, #Arduino )

    Hi, I got a Canon X-07 since a few week, I been able to hack the casette interface with Java and a sound card & the parallel port w/ an Arduino, so I decided to bring VGA display to it (and some other stuff...) If u are curious, let's click or here for...

  • Xts-uBasic has now a motherboard // Il a maintenant une carte mère

    05 février 2017 ( #Arduino, #BASIC, #teensy, #retrocomputing )

    Hello, My XtsuBasic still continue & has now a mainboard & a VGA card, let's see that ... --------------- Salut, Mon XtsuBasic continue et a maintenant une carte mère et une carte VGA, jettez y un oeil ... Here / Ici...

  • TI nSpire Bluetooth Serial Interface

    25 octobre 2015 ( #TI nSpire )

    here's How-to add a BT serial connection to your TI nSpire calc ! voici comment ajouter une communication Bluetooth à votre TI nSpire ! VIEW HOW-TO

  • Hello World !

    25 octobre 2015

    Bienvenue sur mon nouveau blog, Welcome on my new blog,

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